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BNASC offers Holiday Program and Birthday Parties

PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2015 Spring - Round: Rnd 7
Aug-2908:45Rnd 7-15&U ResCourt 1Fireflyz (11)lost toForce (25)
Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 2V.S.Connected15s (28)defSuperstars (25)
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 3Awesome Angels 13s1 (9)lost toNorthern Blues Koalas (16)
Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 4Northern Blues Cubs (4)lost toStrikers (16)
Rnd 7-8-10sNoneNorthern Blues ChicksvsBYE
09:30Rnd 7-15&U ResCourt 1Blazers (16)lost toAqua Jets (17)
Rnd 7-18&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues Tigers (33)defV.S.Connected17s (17)
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 3Mystix Jnr (17)lost toV.S.Connected13s (18)
Rnd 7-13&U ResCourt 4Lightning Bolt (12)lost toRoxy (19)
Rnd 7-11&UnderNonePowervsBYE
10:15Rnd 7-18&U ResCourt 1Blaze Jnr (13)lost toHot Shots (23)
Rnd 7-18&UnderCourt 2The Jets (29)defTrouble (12)
Court 3Sublime (43)defDynamite (9)
Rnd 7-15&U ResCourt 4Awesome Angels 15s1 (9)lost toAwesome Angels 15s2 (19)
11:00Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 1Dolphins (8)lost toRoyal Sapphires (15)
Rnd 7-18&U ResCourt 2All Starz (15)lost toBlue Viper (28)
Rnd 7-8-10sCourt 4Shooting Stars Rainbow (8)defV.S.Connected9s (3)
11:30Rnd 7-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NettavsNetSetGo!
11:45Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 1Dangerous Divas (10)defStorm (3)
Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 2Phoenix (13)lost toThunderbolts (19)
Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 4Awesome Angels 11s1 (19)defDominators
Rnd 7-13&UnderNoneNorthern Blues JoeysvsBYE
12:30Rnd 7-18&UnderCourt 1Mystix (40)defBullets (9)
Rnd 7-15&U ResCourt 2Northern Blues Leopards (33)defShooting Stars Lightning (3)
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 3Northern Blues Kangas (16)defLittle Devils (12)
Rnd 7-8-10sCourt 4All Starz Jnr (23)defBluebirds (1)
13:15Rnd 7-13&U ResCourt 1Rockettes (2)lost toNorthern Blues Wallabies (12)
Rnd 7-18&U ResCourt 2Black Sapphires (18)defNorthern Blues Lions (16)
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 3Shooting Stars Sparks (10)lost toShooting Stars Magic (26)
Rnd 7-8-10sCourt 4Aqua Mermaids (11)defPink Panthers (4)
Rnd 7-18&UnderNoneBYEvsBYE
Sep-508:45Rnd 8-18&U ResCourt 1All StarzvsBlaze Jnr
Rnd 8-15&U ResCourt 2Aqua JetsvsAwesome Angels 15s2
Rnd 8-15&UnderCourt 3PhoenixvsV.S.Connected15s
Rnd 8-13&UnderCourt 5Northern Blues KangasvsShooting Stars Magic
Rnd 8-8-10sNoneV.S.Connected9svsBYE
09:30Rnd 8-15&U ResCourt 1ForcevsShooting Stars Lightning
Rnd 8-15&UnderCourt 2SuperstarsvsThunderbolts
Rnd 8-13&UnderCourt 3Northern Blues KoalasvsV.S.Connected13s
Rnd 8-13&U ResCourt 5Lightning BoltvsNorthern Blues Wallabies
Rnd 8-11&UnderNoneAwesome Angels 11s1vsBYE
10:15Rnd 8-18&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues TigersvsThe Jets
Court 2SublimevsMystix
Court 3DynamitevsV.S.Connected17s
Rnd 8-11&UnderCourt 5Royal SapphiresvsStrikers
Rnd 8-13&UnderNoneShooting Stars SparksvsBYE
11:00Rnd 8-15&U ResCourt 1FireflyzvsBlazers
Rnd 8-18&UnderCourt 2BulletsvsTrouble
Rnd 8-8-10sCourt 5All Starz JnrvsAqua Mermaids
11:30Rnd 8-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
11:45Rnd 8-18&U ResCourt 1Hot ShotsvsBlack Sapphires
Court 2Blue VipervsNorthern Blues Lions
Rnd 8-11&UnderCourt 5Dangerous DivasvsPower
Court 6DolphinsvsDominators
12:30Rnd 8-13&UnderCourt 1Little DevilsvsNorthern Blues Joeys
Rnd 8-15&U ResCourt 2Awesome Angels 15s1vsNorthern Blues Leopards
Rnd 8-13&UnderCourt 3Mystix JnrvsAwesome Angels 13s1
Rnd 8-8-10sCourt 5BluebirdsvsShooting Stars Rainbow
13:15Rnd 8-11&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues CubsvsStorm
Rnd 8-13&U ResCourt 3RockettesvsRoxy
Rnd 8-8-10sCourt 5Pink PanthersvsNorthern Blues Chicks
Rnd 8-18&UnderNoneBYEvsBYE
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2016 Wednesday Afternoon Junior Netball Comp.

News date: 2015-08-01
Category: Game

Author: Suzanne Drummond
Plenty Valley Netball Association is looking at commencing a JUNIOR COMPETITION IN 2016 ON A WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. We are looking for expressions of interest from interested teams/participants.

If interested in putting a team into this new competition, please let us know, click here to email us your interest (let us know which age group your interested in, i.e. 8-10s,11s,13s,15s or 18&Us)

Netball Victoria School Holiday Clinic - Bundoora

News date: 2015-08-01
Category: All

Author: Suzanne Drummond
Event Details

Monday September 21
Netball Victoria School Holiday Clinic
Venue: RMIT Bundoora, McKimmies Road, Bundoora
Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm
Ages: 9 – 15 year olds. Participants turning 9 are eligible to attend.
Cost: $60
Limited to 80 places; 41 places booked, 39 available

Coaches confirmed: Melbourne Vixens’ Emily Mannix and Alice Teague–Neeld and Victorian Fury athlete Lara Dunkley and Victorian Netball League player Rachael Hickey. One to two more coaches to be confirmed (pending numbers).

If you would like to attend any of the above clinics, please visit or click here for the Holiday clinic hosted by PVNA.

To those who are interested in attending the Clinic, as a bonus Netball Victoria and Melbourne Vixens are offering all clinic participants the opportunity to upgrade to purchase a Replica Vixens Dress (girls sizing) at half price.

This means parents can purchase their clinic entry, plus a replica dress which they can get signed on the day for only $95. This is a $35 saving. This is a special offer for PVNA as a hosting Association.