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PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2016 Spring - Round: Rnd 10
Sep-1708:45Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 1V.S.Connected I (23)defNorthern Blues Lions (14)
Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 2Northern Blues Tigers (32)defFireflyz (14)
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 3Northern Blues Wallabies (4)lost toAll Starz Jnr (12)
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 4Dangerous Divas 13s (21)defDangerous Divas 11s (12)
Rnd 10-11&UnderNoneNeon NightmaresvsBYE
09:30Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 1V.S.Connected III (18)lost toNorthern Blues Koalas (21)
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2Blaze Jnr (28)defThe Jets (22)
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 3Northern Blues Monkeys (8)lost toPower (13)
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 4Storm (12)defNorthern Blues Cubs (3)
10:15Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 1V.S.Connected II (32)defBlue Viper (11)
Court 2Black Sapphires (27)defRush (18)
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 3Strikers (24)defDolphins (16)
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 4Devils (25)defRoxy (18)
11:00Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 1Shooting Stars Magic (20)defBlazers (15)
Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 2Aqua Jets (29)defBlack Panthers (15)
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 4Awesome Angels 13s1 (28)defNorthern Blues Joeys (3)
Rnd 10-18&UnderNoneSuperstarsvsBullets
11:30Rnd 10-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
11:45Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 1Phoenix (29)defNorthern Blues Leopards (13)
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2Dynamite (38)defMystix (13)
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 4The Stars (1)lost toAwesome Angels 8-10s (5)
12:30Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 1Mystix Jnr (4)lost toNorthern Blues Cheetahs (19)
Court 2Awesome Angels 15s1 (3)lost toShooting Stars Sparks (16)
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 3Aqua Mermaids (11)defShooting Stars Diamonds (4)
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 4Rockettes (9)drawNorthern Blues Kangas (9)
13:15Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 1Lightning Bolts (39)defRoyal Sapphires (6)
Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 2Force (37)defAwesome Angels 18s (8)
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 3Northern Blues Chicks (11)defBluebirds (8)
Oct-808:45Rnd 11-13&U ResCourt 1Awesome Angels 13s1vsNorthern Blues Monkeys
Rnd 11-11&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues WallabiesvsNeon Nightmares
Rnd 11-18&UnderCourt 3BulletsvsV.S.Connected I
Rnd 11-13&U ResCourt 4StrikersvsDangerous Divas 11s
Rnd 11-11&UnderNoneAll Starz JnrvsBYE
09:30Rnd 11-13&U ResCourt 1Dangerous Divas 13svsDolphins
Rnd 11-13&UnderCourt 2RoxyvsNorthern Blues Koalas
Court 3V.S.Connected IIIvsRoyal Sapphires
Rnd 11-13&U ResCourt 4Northern Blues JoeysvsPower
10:15Rnd 11-15&UnderCourt 1Shooting Stars MagicvsNorthern Blues Leopards
Rnd 11-18&U ResCourt 2Black PanthersvsBlue Viper
Court 3V.S.Connected IIvsAwesome Angels 18s
Rnd 11-15&UnderCourt 4PhoenixvsBlazers
11:00Rnd 11-18&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues LionsvsSuperstars
Court 2DynamitevsThe Jets
Rnd 11-13&UnderCourt 4DevilsvsLightning Bolts
11:30Rnd 11-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NettavsNetSetGo!
11:45Rnd 11-18&U ResCourt 1FireflyzvsRush
Rnd 11-18&UnderCourt 2MystixvsBlaze Jnr
Rnd 11-11&UnderCourt 4Northern Blues CubsvsAqua Mermaids
Rnd 11-18&UnderNoneBYEvsBYE
12:30Rnd 11-8-10sCourt 1BluebirdsvsThe Stars
Rnd 11-18&U ResCourt 2Northern Blues TigersvsBlack Sapphires
Court 3Aqua JetsvsForce
Rnd 11-11&UnderCourt 4Shooting Stars DiamondsvsStorm
13:15Rnd 11-15&U ResCourt 1RockettesvsNorthern Blues Cheetahs
Court 2Shooting Stars SparksvsNorthern Blues Kangas
Court 3Awesome Angels 15s1vsMystix Jnr
Rnd 11-8-10sCourt 4Awesome Angels 8-10svsNorthern Blues Chicks
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2016 September Netball Super Camp

News date: 2016-08-07
Category: Game

Author: Suzanne Drummond
Interested in participating in the Netball Victoria Super Camp?

See details by clicking image on the right or click here to go to the website for details and registration

RMIT BNASC automated entry gates and Entry Prices

News date: 2016-07-07
Category: Social

Author: Suzanne Drummond
please be advise players and parents to arrive a little earlier, as it will be a slow process becoming familiar with the new automated entry gates to get into the stadium on saturday.

Stadium Entry prices:
Stadium Entry will remain at the following rates for all competition participants and spectators
- $2 Single Entry
- $5 Family Entry (2 Adults & 2 Children aged 17 or under)
- Children under 5 Free

Note: NetSetGo! at 11:30-12:30 Entry does not apply, please let counter staff know your there for NetSetGo! training.

Stick With It: Laura Geitz

News date: 2016-05-01
Category: Team

Author: Suzanne Drummond

Published on May 1, 2016 Sport plays an important role in the lives of teens. Here Laura Geitz talks about what sport meant to her as she went through school. Play. Sport. Australia.

Register ONLINE for netball Victoria Membership

News date: 2016-01-25
Category: Game

Author: Vince Bruno
You can now pay your Netball Victoria Membership (which includes the insurance) online with your credit card. In this way you can make sure all your details are correct.

Just click here and you will be helped through the process, step by step.

PVNA is offering Netball Victoria Membership (which include netball insurance) this year:
$50 NetSetGo 8-10s (include participation pack)
$50 Junior 17 and Under
$70 Senior 18 and Over
$38 Off the Court member
$50 All Abilities