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BNASC offers Holiday Program and Birthday Parties

PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2015 Spring - Round: Rnd 3
Fixture currently in draft.
Aug-108:45Rnd 3-15&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues Leopards (10)lost toV.S.Connected15s (30)
Rnd 3-13&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues Koalas (17)defShooting Stars Sparks (11)
Rnd 3-18&UnderCourt 3Sublime (36)defBullets (7)
Rnd 3-8-10sCourt 5Pink Panthers (3)drawBluebirds (3)
Rnd 3-11&UnderNoneDominatorsvsBYE
09:30Rnd 3-13&UnderCourt 1V.S.Connected13s (16)defNorthern Blues Joeys (3)
Rnd 3-15&U ResCourt 2Blazers (11)lost toAqua Jets (22)
Rnd 3-18&UnderCourt 3Mystix (41)defThe Jets (17)
Rnd 3-11&UnderCourt 5Awesome Angels 11s1 (8)defNorthern Blues Cubs (1)
Rnd 3-8-10sNoneShooting Stars RainbowvsBYE
10:15Rnd 3-18&UnderCourt 1V.S.Connected17s (26)defTrouble (16)
Rnd 3-18&U ResCourt 2All Starz (32)defBlue Viper (21)
Rnd 3-18&UnderCourt 3Dynamite (12)lost toNorthern Blues Tigers (29)
Rnd 3-11&UnderCourt 5Dolphins (10)defStorm (5)
Rnd 3-18&UnderNoneBYEvsBYE
11:00Rnd 3-15&UnderCourt 1Thunderbolts (16)lost toSuperstars (18)
Rnd 3-15&U ResCourt 2Fireflyz (8)defShooting Stars Lightning (3)
Rnd 3-13&UnderCourt 5Mystix Jnr (3)lost toNorthern Blues Kangas (21)
NoneAwesome Angels 13s1vsBYE
11:30Rnd 3-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
11:45Rnd 3-18&U ResCourt 1Blaze Jnr (16)defHot Shots (10)
Rnd 3-8-10sCourt 2All Starz Jnr (8)defV.S.Connected9s (4)
Rnd 3-13&U ResCourt 5Northern Blues Wallabies (9)lost toLightning Bolt (20)
12:30Rnd 3-13&UnderCourt 1Shooting Stars Magic (25)defLittle Devils (16)
Rnd 3-15&UnderCourt 2Phoenix (21)defForce (10)
Rnd 3-15&U ResCourt 3Awesome Angels 15s1 (6)lost toAwesome Angels 15s2 (16)
Rnd 3-11&UnderCourt 5Power (5)lost toStrikers (10)
13:15Rnd 3-13&U ResCourt 1Roxy (17)defRockettes (1)
Rnd 3-18&U ResCourt 2Black Sapphires (13)lost toNorthern Blues Lions (27)
Rnd 3-8-10sCourt 3Northern Blues Chicks (10)lost toAqua Mermaids (11)
Rnd 3-11&UnderCourt 5Royal Sapphires (7)defDangerous Divas (5)
Aug-808:45Rnd 4-13&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues KangasvsLittle Devils
Rnd 4-15&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues LeopardsvsThunderbolts
Rnd 4-15&U ResCourt 3FireflyzvsBlazers
Rnd 4-13&UnderCourt 4Northern Blues JoeysvsNorthern Blues Koalas
09:30Rnd 4-15&U ResCourt 1Awesome Angels 15s2vsAqua Jets
Rnd 4-18&UnderCourt 2TroublevsDynamite
Court 3V.S.Connected17svsSublime
Rnd 4-18&U ResCourt 4Black SapphiresvsBlaze Jnr
Rnd 4-8-10sNoneAqua MermaidsvsBYE
10:15Rnd 4-15&UnderCourt 1PhoenixvsV.S.Connected15s
Rnd 4-18&UnderCourt 2The JetsvsBullets
Court 3MystixvsNorthern Blues Tigers
Rnd 4-18&U ResCourt 4All StarzvsNorthern Blues Lions
Rnd 4-11&UnderNoneRoyal SapphiresvsBYE
11:00Court 1StrikersvsStorm
Rnd 4-18&U ResCourt 2Blue VipervsHot Shots
Rnd 4-8-10sCourt 4V.S.Connected9svsBluebirds
11:30Rnd 4-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
11:45Rnd 4-11&UnderCourt 1Awesome Angels 11s1vsPower
Rnd 4-15&UnderCourt 2ForcevsSuperstars
Rnd 4-15&U ResCourt 4Awesome Angels 15s1vsShooting Stars Lightning
12:30Rnd 4-11&UnderCourt 1Dangerous DivasvsDolphins
Rnd 4-8-10sCourt 2Shooting Stars RainbowvsNorthern Blues Chicks
Rnd 4-11&UnderCourt 3Northern Blues CubsvsDominators
Rnd 4-13&U ResCourt 4Lightning BoltvsRoxy
13:15Rnd 4-13&UnderCourt 1Awesome Angels 13s1vsShooting Stars Magic
Rnd 4-13&U ResCourt 2RockettesvsNorthern Blues Wallabies
Rnd 4-13&UnderCourt 3Shooting Stars SparksvsMystix Jnr
Rnd 4-8-10sCourt 4All Starz JnrvsPink Panthers
Rnd 4-18&UnderNoneBYEvsBYE
Fixture currently in draft.
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PVNA and PV Comets sponsoring a Mini Tournament

News date: 2015-07-12
Category: Game

Author: Vince Bruno
PV Comets and PVNA are hosting a Mini tournament on 29th August between 2pm and 5:30pm at RMIT, for those born between 2001-2006. If you interested please register using this URL: click here to register

This Mini tournament will provide our PVNA netballers the opportunity to play in balanced team in tournament style (7min halves) netball, being coached and mentored by PV Comets coaches and senior players.

*** REGISTER your interest BY 22nd August ***