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BNASC offers Holiday Program and Birthday Parties

PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2016 Autumn - Round: Rnd 9
Apr-3008:45Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues Koalas (28)defDevils (25)
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 2V.S.Connected I (33)defBullets (8)
Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 3Black Sapphires (14)lost toBlaze Jnr (31)
Court 4Rush (15)defFireflyz (13)
Rnd 9-8-10sNoneShooting Stars DiamondsvsBYE
09:30Rnd 9-15&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues Cheetahs (8)lost toNorthern Blues Leopards (21)
Rnd 9-13&U ResCourt 2Power (7)lost toStrikers (14)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 3Dangerous Divas 11s (19)defNorthern Blues Wallabies (2)
Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 4Lightning Bolt (17)drawRoxy (17)
NoneV.S.Connected IIIvsBYE
10:15Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 1V.S.Connected II (42)defAwesome Angels 18s (3)
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 2Dynamite (10)defSublime
Court 3The Jets (21)lost toNorthern Blues Lions (24)
Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 4Blue Viper (9)lost toAqua Jets (15)
Rnd 9-18&UnderNoneMystixvsBYE
11:00Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 1Superstars (35)defS.S. Lightning Storm (2)
Rnd 9-15&UnderCourt 2Phoenix (27)defBlazers (9)
Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 4Shooting Stars Magic (29)defRockettes (1)
NoneNorthern Blues KangasvsBYE
11:30Rnd 9-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NettavsNetSetGo!
11:45Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 1Pink Panthers (3)lost toAll Starz Jnr (10)
Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 2Force (12)lost toNorthern Blues Tigers (22)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 4Northern Blues Cubs (4)lost toStorm (10)
12:30Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 1Awesome Angels 15s2 (30)defShooting Stars Sparks (5)
Rnd 9-13&U ResCourt 2Awesome Angels 13s1 (25)defDangerous Divas 13s (4)
Court 3Royal Sapphires (12)defNorthern Blues Joeys (3)
Rnd 9-8-10sCourt 4Awesome Angels 8-10s (1)lost toNorthern Blues Chicks (8)
13:15Court 1Aqua Mermaids (23)defBluebirds (1)
Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 2Mystix Jnr (23)defAwesome Angels 15s1 (8)
Rnd 9-13&U ResCourt 3Dolphins (22)def11s (2)
Rnd 9-11&Under13s (22)defDominators (2)
May-708:45Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 1ForcevsBlaze Jnr
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2V.S.Connected IvsDynamite
Court 3MystixvsThe Jets
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 5Dangerous Divas 11svsPink Panthers
Rnd 10-8-10sNoneAqua MermaidsvsBYE
09:30Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 1BlazersvsNorthern Blues Cheetahs
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 2Lightning BoltvsV.S.Connected III
Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 3SuperstarsvsFireflyz
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 5Northern Blues ChicksvsBluebirds
Rnd 10-11&UnderNoneNorthern Blues CubsvsBYE
10:15Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 1RushvsAwesome Angels 18s
Court 2V.S.Connected IIvsAqua Jets
Court 3Blue VipervsNorthern Blues Tigers
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 5Northern Blues Koalasvs13s
Rnd 10-13&U Res13svsRoyal Sapphires
11:00Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 1Northern Blues KangasvsAwesome Angels 15s1
Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues LeopardsvsPhoenix
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 5StrikersvsNorthern Blues Joeys
Rnd 10-18&UnderNoneBulletsvsBYE
11:30Rnd 10-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
11:45Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 1All Starz JnrvsDominators
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues LionsvsSublime
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 5Awesome Angels 8-10svsShooting Stars Diamonds
Rnd 10-15&U ResNoneRockettesvsBYE
12:30Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 1RoxyvsDevils
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 2Awesome Angels 15s2vsShooting Stars Magic
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 3PowervsAwesome Angels 13s1
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 5Northern Blues WallabiesvsStorm
13:15Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 1Black SapphiresvsS.S. Lightning Storm
Rnd 10-13&U ResCourt 2Dangerous Divas 13svsDolphins
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 3Mystix JnrvsShooting Stars Sparks
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News date: 2016-02-22
Category: All

Author: Suzanne Drummond

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Plenty Valley Netball Association

The Associations A G M will be on Saturday 14th May, 2016 at 2.00pm here in the meeting room at BNASC.

Each team will be required to have a minimum of one (1) representative (over 18 years of age) present or teams will lose 2 points (as per the Constitution Clause No 36, Page 12).

All positions on the Committee are declared vacant (as per the Constitution). We look forward to interested persons nominating for the undermentioned positions.

Nomination form available on the Associationís web site (click here).

Vacant Positions :
∑ President
∑ Vice President
∑ Secretary
∑ Assistant Secretary
∑ Treasurer
∑ Comets / Rep. Teams Representative
∑ Committee (2)

Sue Drummond


News date: 2016-02-01
Category: Game

Author: Suzanne Drummond
As a part of affiliation / membership with Netball Victoria every member, coach, volunteer, official, club and association is covered by the Netball Australia National Insurance Program.

The National Netball Insurance Program has been arranged on a group basis to provide insurance for a broad range of contingencies. Individuals, Associations and Clubs also have the option to increase their cover if needed.

The cover provided by the National Netball Insurance Program is summarised in the attached flyer. Further details including policy wordings, claim forms and certificates of currency are available by going to website.

There are five (5) main insurance policies that are included in the National Program. These are;
∑ Public and Products Liability including Professional Indemnity
∑ Personal Accident
∑ Management Liability (Directors & Officers Liability)
∑ Industrial Special Risks (Property Insurance for Clubs and Associations)
∑ Cyber Liability

Register ONLINE for netball Victoria Membership

News date: 2016-01-25
Category: Game

Author: Vince Bruno
You can now pay your Netball Victoria Membership (which includes the insurance) online with your credit card. In this way you can make sure all your details are correct.

Just click here and you will be helped through the process, step by step.

PVNA is offering Netball Victoria Membership (which include netball insurance) this year:
$50 NetSetGo 8-10s (include participation pack)
$50 Junior 17 and Under
$70 Senior 18 and Over
$38 Off the Court member
$50 All Abilities