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BNASC offers Holiday Program and Birthday Parties

PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2015 Autumn - Round: Rnd 9
Apr-1808:45Rnd 9-8-10sCourt 1Storm (14)defAll Starz Jnr (3)
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 2V.S.Connected17s (28)defDynamite (17)
Court 3Angels (11)lost toRedHot Devils (21)
Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 4Awesome Angels 13s1 (3)lost toNorthern Blues Koalas (8)
Rnd 9-8-10sNoneShooting Stars RainbowvsBYE
09:30Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 1Northern Blues Kangas (31)defNorthern Blues Wallabies (4)
Rnd 9-15&UnderCourt 2V.S.Connected15s (29)defForce (14)
Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 3Awesome Angels 15s2 (14)defBlazers (10)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 4Roxy (15)defPower (5)
Rnd 9-15&U ResNoneFireflyzvsBYE
10:15Rnd 9-18&U ResCourt 1Blaze Jnr (16)defNorthern Blues Lions (14)
Court 2Hot Shots (29)defBlue Viper
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 3All Starz (9)lost toMystix (39)
Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 4Awesome Angels 15s1 (13)lost toAqua Jets (21)
Rnd 9-13&UnderNoneV.S.Connected13svsBYE
11:00Rnd 9-15&U ResCourt 1Northern Blues Leopards (19)defShooting Stars Lightning (4)
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 2The Jets (30)defNorthern Blues Tigers (27)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 4Strikers (10)defDangerous Divas (1)
11:30Rnd 9-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
Rnd 9-18&U ResNoneAll StarzvsBYE
11:45Rnd 9-15&UnderCourt 1Superstars (12)drawBlack Sapphires (12)
Rnd 9-18&UnderCourt 2Trouble (15)lost toBullets (20)
Rnd 9-8-10sCourt 4Aqua Mermaids (3)defBluebirds_
12:30Rnd 9-15&UnderCourt 1Phoenix (13)defThunderbolts (8)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 2Supernovas (2)lost toAwesome Angels 11s1 (15)
Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 3Mystix Jnr (17)defShooting Stars Sparks (9)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 4Northern Blues Cubs (1)lost toLightning Bolt (28)
Rnd 9-18&UnderNoneSublimevsBYE
13:15Rnd 9-13&UnderCourt 1Shooting Stars Magic (21)defNorthern Blues Joeys (5)
Court 2Little Devils (23)defRockettes (4)
Rnd 9-11&UnderCourt 3Royal Sapphires (22)defDolphins
May-208:45Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 1PhoenixvsV.S.Connected15s
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 2Northern Blues LeopardsvsAqua Jets
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 3Mystix JnrvsNorthern Blues Koalas
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 4StrikersvsAwesome Angels 11s1
Rnd 10-8-10sNoneStormvsBYE
09:30Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 1MystixvsV.S.Connected17s
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 2Awesome Angels 15s2vsFireflyz
Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 3Blaze JnrvsAll Starz
Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 4DolphinsvsRoxy
Rnd 10-13&UnderNoneNorthern Blues KangasvsBYE
10:15Court 1V.S.Connected13svsNorthern Blues Joeys
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2BulletsvsDynamite
Court 3AngelsvsTrouble
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 4All Starz JnrvsAqua Mermaids
11:00Rnd 10-18&U ResCourt 1Hot ShotsvsNorthern Blues Lions
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 2SublimevsThe Jets
Rnd 10-15&U ResCourt 4BlazersvsAwesome Angels 15s1
NoneShooting Stars LightningvsBYE
11:30Rnd 10-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NettavsNetSetGo!
11:45Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 1Royal SapphiresvsLightning Bolt
Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 2ThunderboltsvsSuperstars
Rnd 10-8-10sCourt 4Bluebirds_vsShooting Stars Rainbow
11:50Rnd 10-18&U ResNoneBlue VipervsBYE
12:30Rnd 10-11&UnderCourt 1PowervsSupernovas
Court 2Dangerous DivasvsNorthern Blues Cubs
Rnd 10-18&UnderCourt 3RedHot DevilsvsNorthern Blues Tigers
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 4Shooting Stars MagicvsRockettes
13:15Rnd 10-15&UnderCourt 1Black SapphiresvsForce
Rnd 10-13&UnderCourt 2Awesome Angels 13s1vsNorthern Blues Wallabies
Court 3Little DevilsvsShooting Stars Sparks
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No Games ANZAC weekend

News date: 2015-04-01
Category: Game

Author: Suzanne Drummond
Since ANZAC days falls on a Saturday and it the 100th year anniversary, there will be no games played at PVNA on Saturday 25th April 2015.