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BNASC offers Holiday Program and Birthday Parties

PVNA NetSetGo! program is on every saturday
during competition at 11:30 till 12:30pm
on Court 3, at a cost of $3 per session.
Currently >> Year: 2014 Spring - Round: Rnd 6
Aug-2309:00Rnd 6-13&UnderCourt 1V.S.Connected13s (16)defAwesome Angels 13s2 (11)
Rnd 6-15&UnderCourt 2Aqua Jets (9)lost toPhoenix (23)
Rnd 6-17&U ResCourt 3Angels (14)lost toTrouble (17)
Rnd 6-8-10sCourt 4Storm (28)defAll Starz Jnr
NoneAwesome Angels 9svsBYE
09:45Rnd 6-13&UnderCourt 1Blazers (9)lost toShooting Stars 13s2 (15)
Rnd 6-15&UnderCourt 2The Jets (33)defForce (18)
Rnd 6-17&U ResCourt 3All Starz (14)lost toBlue Viper (15)
Rnd 6-11&UnderCourt 4Little Devils (21)defSupernovas (9)
Rnd 6-13&UnderNoneShooting Stars 13s1vsBYE
10:30Rnd 6-15&UnderCourt 1Superstars (21)defBlack Sapphires (5)
Rnd 6-17&UnderCourt 2Sublime (39)defDynamite (14)
Court 3Mystix (25)defRedHot Devils (13)
Rnd 6-8-10sCourt 4Power (8)defRoyal Sapphires (2)
Rnd 6-15&UnderNoneBlaze JnrvsBYE
11:15Court 1Thunderbolts (33)defAwesome Angels 15s1 (4)
Rnd 6-13&UnderCourt 2Mystix Jnr (10)drawFirefly (10)
Rnd 6-11&UnderCourt 4Roxy (15)defAwesome Angels 11s1 (1)
11:30Rnd 6-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NetSetGo!vsNetta
12:00Rnd 6-17&U ResCourt 1Bullets (22)defHot Shots (21)
Rnd 6-13&UnderCourt 2Northern Blues (6)lost toAwesome Angels 13s1 (13)
Rnd 6-11&UnderCourt 4Dolphinslost toLightning Bolt (21)
Rnd 6-17&UnderNoneV.S.Connected17svsBYE
Aug-3009:00Rnd 7-17&U ResCourt 1Hot ShotsvsAngels
Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 2Blaze JnrvsForce
Rnd 7-17&U ResCourt 3TroublevsAll Starz
Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 4Little DevilsvsLightning Bolt
09:45Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 1The JetsvsAwesome Angels 15s1
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 2BlazersvsFirefly
Rnd 7-17&U ResCourt 3Blue VipervsBullets
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 4V.S.Connected13svsShooting Stars 13s1
Rnd 7-8-10sNoneAll Starz JnrvsBYE
10:30Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 1SuperstarsvsAqua Jets
Rnd 7-17&UnderCourt 2RedHot DevilsvsV.S.Connected17s
Court 3DynamitevsMystix
Rnd 7-8-10sCourt 4Royal SapphiresvsStorm
Rnd 7-13&UnderNoneShooting Stars 13s2vsBYE
11:15Rnd 7-15&UnderCourt 1ThunderboltsvsPhoenix
Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 2Northern BluesvsMystix Jnr
Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 4Awesome Angels 11s1vsDolphins
Rnd 7-15&UnderNoneBlack SapphiresvsBYE
11:30Rnd 7-Net-Set-GoCourt 3NettavsNetSetGo!
12:00Rnd 7-13&UnderCourt 1Awesome Angels 13s1vsAwesome Angels 13s2
Rnd 7-11&UnderCourt 2SupernovasvsRoxy
Rnd 7-8-10sCourt 4Awesome Angels 9svsPower
Rnd 7-17&UnderNoneSublimevsBYE
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Sad News at PVNA

News date: 2014-07-29
Category: All

Author: Suzanne Drummond
Some very sad news, Carol Hammett one the Association's loyal supporters, Mum to Zoe and Shen. passed away suddenly last week.

Carol coached Zoe's 17 and Under team Bullets and was team manager of Awesome Angels 11's (1) team with Zoe as the coach and Shen playing.

You will be missed Carol your vibrant lovable personality. Our thoughts are with Zoe and Shen.

Netball Victoria: SUPER CAMP

News date: 2014-06-21
Category: Game

Author: Suzanne Drummond
SUPER CAMP Details...

Dates: Wed 1st Oct and Thu 2nd Oct.
Time: 9am-4:30pm (wed) and 9:30am-4:30pm (thu)
Age Groups: 10-14 and 15-17
Cost: $250
Location: State Netball Hockey Center
Included: Official Super Camp singlet and drink bottle... Lunch and snacks provided both days, opportunity to have merchandise signed by Melbourne Vixens Athletes and Special guests.

Book Online:

See picture for Coaches and plan of two days...