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16th September










“Association” is the Plenty Valley Netball Association. (PVNA)

“Club” includes all affiliated clubs.

“Club Delegate” is a representative of the Club or Team who liaises with the Committee. 

“Committee” is comprised of members of the Association who are elected to committee positions as per the constitution.

“Ineligible player” is a player who is not entitled to participate in a game, which may include a player who has not qualified or a player not eligible to play in that age section.

“Team” is a team which is not affiliated with a governing Club at either the Night Competition or the Saturday Competition.

“Constitution” means the constitution of the Association.  It may otherwise be referred to as the Rules of Incorporation.

“Bylaws” are additional rules which apply to members which generally deal with internal and administrative matters.  The Bylaws are made under the Constitution.  Accordingly, the Bylaws are subordinate to the Constitution and must not be inconsistent with the Constitution.  An Association should have a clause in the Constitution that provides the power to the Board or Committee to make Bylaws.

















These Bylaws are the rules governing the internal affairs of the Association. They are the operating procedures that determine the conduct and direction of the organisation.

1.                       Club delegate meetings

1.1                    Club Delegate meetings will be held as per the calendar.

1.2                    All Clubs must be represented by at least one delegate at all Club Delegate meetings.

Penalty: 2 Competition points

2.                       correspondence

2.1                    All correspondence must be in writing from the Club Secretary or authorised person to the Association Secretary.

2.2                    All correspondence from the Association will be addressed to the Club Secretary or authorised person.

3.                       FINANCES

3.1                    Fees

(a)                     The Committee shall set fees annually at the Planning Meeting.

(b)                     The fees shall be calculated to cover the costs of

(c)                     Team entry;

(d)                     Netball Victoria membership fee;

(e)                     Venue hire;

(f)                      Equipment;

(g)                     Umpiring costs;

(h)                     Trophies, Badges and Awards; and

(i)                       Administration costs.

(j)                       All monies due must be paid by the nominated due date.
Penalty: Non-financial Clubs or Teams will not receive premiership points.

(k)                     All players shall be fully paid members of their own Club or Team.

(l)                       Any individual with an outstanding debt to the Association shall not be permitted to take the court for a Club or Team in any competition or team governed by the Association until the outstanding debt is paid.

3.2                    Reimbursements / Payments

(a)                     The Committee members shall be entitled to claim expenses incurred whilst acting in an official capacity from the Association. Receipts must be supplied.

(b)                     Umpires will be paid weekly at a rate as determined at the Association’s Annual Planning Meeting.

4.                       INFORMATION TO CLUBS/ Teams

4.1                    The Association shall provide the following information in writing to all Clubs/ Teams prior to the start of the season

(a)                     Association contact details

(b)                     Association venue address

(c)                     Association Bylaws

(d)                     Association calendar of events

(e)                     Where possible Fixtures prior to each season commencing

(f)                      Details of courses, seminars etc

4.2                    The Association shall produce and distribute a newsletter.

(a)                     The newsletter shall be produced quarterly.

(b)                     The newsletter shall be available to all members of the Association.


5.                       REGISTRATION

5.1                    Club / Team

(a)                     To compete in the Association’s competitions, the official entry form must be completed and returned by the due date.

(b)                     A representative of any Team or Club proposing to be registered must attend the Fixtures Meeting as required.

(c)                     All Clubs and Teams that submit entry forms shall receive an information kit, which shall include:

(d)                     Due date and amount of all fees and levies that are to be paid for the season, including Registration Fees, Court Fees, Netball Victoria Fees and any other fees that may be deemed necessary for that season

(e)                     Copy of the Association Constitution and Bylaws

(f)                      Information regarding any meetings or other requirements of the Association

(g)                     Association calendars

(h)                     Codes of Conduct

(i)                       Netball Victoria Cyber Safety Policy

(j)                       Netball Victoria Competition Regulation

(k)                     Netball Australia Member Protection Policy

(l)                       Subsequent to pre-season registration, a player may be added to a Club or Team list by adding player’s details (NV membership number, DOB, full name & address) to the back of the score sheet.

5.2                    NetSetGO! Program

(a)                     To compete in the Association’s NetSetGO! program, the official registration form must be completed and returned by the due date.

(b)                     Confirmed participants that submit registration forms and fees shall receive the following:

(c)                     NetSetGO! Participant Pack

(d)                     Association Calendar

(e)                     Codes of Conduct

6.                       NETBALL VICTORIA MEMBERSHIP

6.1                    Netball Victoria membership fee is set annually by the Victorian Netball Association Inc.

6.2                    All players, coaches and umpires participating in an Association competition or program must be a current Netball Victoria member.

6.3                    No player will be permitted to take the court without Netball Victoria membership.

7.                       AGE REQUIREMENTS

7.1                    Participant age is determined as at 31st December of that year.

7.2                    Clubs and Teams are trusted to obtain and provide correct dates of birth.

7.3                    Players aged 5-7 years will participate in NetSetGO!

7.4                    Players aged 8-11 will participate in NetSetGO! , 9&U or 11&U (no finals).

7.5                    Minimum age requirements are:

(a)                     11 & U- 9 years

(b)                     13&U – 11 years

(c)                     15&U – 12 years

(d)                     17&U – 14 years

(e)                     Open Sections - 15 years

(f)                      Application can be made for players to be exempt from minimum age requirement. Applications will be assessed by the Committee.

(g)                     Players Clearance signed by Parent/guardian must be provided for all players playing above their age group.

                   Penalty: Loss of two (2) premiership points to offending team.


7.7                    Boys Participation

(a)                     11&U Competitions – Eligible boys participate unrestricted.

(b)                     (b)              13 & U and 15 & U – 3 boys will be permitted to take the court at any one time.  There is no limit to the number of boys on the Score Sheet. Only 3 boys can take the court for a team and they must be in different thirds of the court. Eg. 1 midfielder,  1 defender and 1 gaoler.

(c)                     (c)               17&U Competitions – Eligible boys will be permitted to play in this age group, but only one (1) boy is permitted to take the court at any one time. There is no limit to the number of boys named on the score sheet.

8.                       INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS

8.1                    The Association actively support the participation of all groups and populations including; girls, boys, women, aged, indigenous, disabled and culturally & linguistically diverse.

8.2                    The Association will conduct cultural awareness training & inclusive workshops to ensure your club is providing a welcoming environment and creating awareness around cultural views and barriers.

8.3                    The Association will allow for modifications where necessary.

8.4                    Think ability not disability.

9.                       GRADING

9.1                    A Grading Sub-Committee will be appointed by the Association to evaluate, grade and re-grade all teams.

9.2                    The Grading Sub-Committee reserves the right to reject any team applying for entry to the competition.

9.3                    Re-grading may occur at any time within the first 2-4 weeks of any season. Where there is an obvious discrepancy after this time, the Grading Sub-Committee may make the necessary changes.

9.4                    All requests from Clubs or Teams will be considered by the Grading Sub-Committee.

9.5                    The Grading Sub-Committee will be the ultimate adjudicator of all grading decisions.

9.6                    All sections are graded by ability and teams can only be re-graded within the age group nominated on the entry form, unless otherwise requested by that Club or Team.

9.7                    If a team is re-graded, premiership points and goals for and against will be transferred into the new section.

10.                    DRESS CODE

10.1                Players

(a)                     Each Club and Team must register its uniform.

(b)                     Clubs and Teams must notify the Association in writing of any proposed changes to their uniform. 

(c)                     The Association must approve all Club and Team uniform colours and designs.

(d)                     All players must wear their Club or Team nominated uniform including positional bibs and any sports brief or shorts.

(e)                     Shorts must not be longer than the skirt or dress.

(f)                      T-shirts must be tucked in if the Club or Team skirt cannot clearly be seen.

(g)                     Players in 9&U and 11&U sections may wear tracksuit pants or leggings on outside games only.

(h)                     Pants or legging colour must be the Club or Team skirt or dress colour.

(i)                       Leggings with lace and/or adornments will not be allowed.

(j)                       Players will receive a warning before a penalty is applied for incorrect uniform.

(k)                     Penalty: $0.50 fine  for each incorrectly uniformed player

(l)                       No jewellery is to be worn,   body piercing must be taped. A wedding ring is accepted if taped.

(m)                   Nails must be short & smooth.  If nail extensions are worn they must be taped properly and gloves worn.

(i)               Gloves may be worn but they must be of soft material with no leather grip in fingers or                palms.

10.2                Umpires

(a)                     Shall wear clothes that are white in colour. Suitable footwear shall be worn.

10.3                Representative Squad

(a)                     The Association representative squad uniform is

(b)                     Official Association Netball Dress

(c)                     Official Association Training Singlet

(d)                     Official Association socks

(e)                     All representative squad uniform items must be purchased through the Association to maintain consistency.

(f)                      Players will not be permitted to take to the court unless they are in full uniform.

11.                    CLEARANCES

11.1                A clearance is required if a player wishes to transfer to another Club or Team during the current season.

11.2                No player will be granted more than one (1) clearance per season.             

11.3                Clearance  after three (3) games not permitted unless the Coaches for the teams in question concur. Rule 11.4 still applies in these instances.

11.4                A clearance will not be granted after the half way mark of the season.

11.5                Players who owe outstanding playing fees or are in possession of Club or Team property (uniform, equipment) will not be granted a clearance.

11.6                A player must have received notification in writing from the Association before playing for a new Club or Team.

                   Penalty: Fine as determined by the Committee.

11.7                A player must complete all details on the top section of the clearance form and send to the Association Secretary.

11.8                The Association will forward the clearance request to the existing Club or Team for approval.

11.9                The existing Club or Team has seven (7) days to complete the clearance or the Association will automatically clear the player to the new Club or Team.

11.10             If the Club or Team refuses to clear the player (refer to 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4), the Association will write to a player advising the reason why and forward a copy to both Clubs or Teams. 

11.11             Any dispute arising from clearance restrictions will be dealt with according to the grievance procedure outlined in the Association Constitution.

11.12             If the clearance is approved, the player will then receive a letter advising that the clearance has been approved and copy is forwarded to both Clubs/Teams.

12.                    CONDUCT OF GAMES

12.1                The Association adheres by the rules as stated in Netball Australia’s Official Rule Book, as well as Netball Victoria’s regulations.

12.2                The length of quarters varies depending upon the age of players. The Association determines the length of quarters prior to the season commencing.

12.3                Timing will be operated by a central timekeeper.

12.4                If games are centrally timed there will be no injury time. A game may be stopped by the umpires in extenuating circumstances to ensure a safe playing area is maintained.

12.5                Blood Policy

a)       The game is stopped - the clock is not stopped.

b)       Player leaves the court - substitution rules apply (with no time allowance).

c)       Play is resumed.

12.6                In 9&U and 11&U sections, as fewer goals are scored, the umpires should use their own discretion when allowing a player to return to the game. This applies to players arriving late as well as players who have left the game for injury or under the blood policy.

12.7                Fixtures will be arranged for all competitions indicating courts and times.  Where practicable copies will be forwarded to Clubs and Teams prior to the season commencing.

13.                    SCORING

13.1                The Association will provide the Official Scoresheet.

13.2                It is the first named team’s responsibility to pick up and return the score sheet to the Court Supervisor each week. It is the first named team’s responsibility to score the game.

13.3                Each team must provide a non-participating scorer for all games.

13.4                The scorers must stand/sit together for the duration of the game on the sideline level with the centre circle.

13.5                If scorers, one from each team do not sit together, scores cannot be disputed.

13.6                One (1) official scoresheet will be used for each game.  This Scoresheet will list the complete names (both given and surname) of all players intending to take the court.  This Scoresheet shall also indicate the positions played each quarter and the game score. A record of centre passes must also be kept and provided if requested by an umpire.

13.7                At the game conclusion, to indicate their satisfaction that the information on the official scoresheet is correct, the official scoresheet is to be signed by;

a)       The captains of both competing teams, and

b)       The scorers

c)       The officiating umpires only sign the score sheet to state they have officiated.

Penalty: One (1) premiership point will be deducted for teams with incorrect or incomplete score sheets.

13.8                If a scorer, Team or Club believes the score sheet is incorrect, they must not sign it and follow the grievance procedures to protest.

13.9                A team wishing to protest must:-

(a)                     Not sign the Official Scoresheet and notify the Committee of the intention to protest.

(b)                     Lodge the protest in writing with the Association Secretary within 48 hours of the game being played.

13.10             The Committee will advise the result of the protest and this decision shall be final.

14.                    PROGRESSIVE LADDERS

14.1                A weekly ladder will be displayed at the Association’s venue and website after the re-grading period.

14.2                Premiership points are recorded during the season as follows:

(a)                     4 points for a win or bye

(b)                     2 points for a draw

(c)                     0 points for a loss, forfeit or abandonment

15.                     BORROWING PLAYERS

15.1                Players shall only be permitted to play in a higher section or age group (refer to bylaw 7.5).

15.2                Where there are two or more teams from the same Club graded in the same section, players can only play with their registered Club team in that section.

15.3                Players may transfer between teams until the player takes the court for their third game with the one team.  Once this occurs the player must remain with the team they played their third game with for the remainder of the competition.

15.4                Players may play a maximum of two (2) games in a team other than their own.

Penalty: On the third(3rd) game played in a team, the player will be considered to be part of that team.

16.                    FINALS

16.1                Finals will be played at the conclusion of the rounds in each section, except in 9&U and 11&U.

16.2                Sections with 10 teams or less will play a four-team final series.

16.3                A four-team finals series will be played unless Clubs and Teams are notified otherwise.

16.4                The number of points gained during the season shall determine teams qualifying for finals. In the event of teams being equal on points, positions shall be determined by the percentage of goals scored for and against.  In the event of teams being equal on percentage, positions shall be determined by the greater number of goals scored for.

16.5                Players must play at least three (3) games in a section throughout the season to be eligible to participate in that section’s Final Series. One (1) of those games must be played prior to the last three(3) games of the season.

16.6                Teams found playing an ineligible player during finals will be considered to have lost that game.

16.7                The rules listed in Conduct of Games apply for finals. The starting time of finals games may alter slightly.

16.8                If a final does not reach half time, the ladder position will stand or where possible games may be re-scheduled.

16.9                Drawn games Refer to Rule 2.5 of the Official Rules of Netball for the procedure for extra time where a winner is required.

(a)                     The duration of extra time shall be based on the length of the quarters:

(b)                     10 minute quarters will play 2 x 5 minute halves.

(c)                     12 minute quarters will play 2 x 6 minute halves.

(d)                     15 minute quarters will play 2 x 7 minute halves.

16.10             During finals or on Grand Final day, 9&U and 11&U teams will participate in a round robin.

16.11             The Committee will determine awards for premiers and runners-up.

17.                    FORFEITS

17.1                In the event that a team forfeits prior to the game clock starting, games shall only be awarded to players of the non-offending team.  No games shall be awarded to players of the offending team.

17.2                A forfeit fine determined by the Committee will be imposed and must be paid before the next game of the offending team.

17.3                If a team notifies the Association Secretary within 7 days before the competition of its intent to forfeit, the fine will represent that team’s game fee, and will be required to be paid prior to them next taking the court  will be imposed, and the non offending team will receive 4 points and 10 goals.

17.4                If a team forfeits a finals game, the next team on the ladder shall be offered the opportunity to compete in the finals. The forfeit team will not be awarded a final’s trophy.

17.5                A forfeit may result in that Club or Team being excluded entry into future competitions.

18.                    CANCELLATIONS

18.1                When games are cancelled on account of a total strike (e.g. power, or situation created by a prolonged petrol strike), weather or some other cause, both teams will be credited with two (2) points and five (5) goals each and the competition will continue as per the fixture.

18.2                Four (4) points can only be awarded for fully completed games.

18.3                In the event that a game is cancelled due to weather, games can only be awarded to a maximum of twelve players, for each team.

18.4                Should circumstances occur in which successive rounds need to be cancelled, the Committee will consider the position and determine a suitable course of action.


19.1                The Representative Squad Coordinator will organise the representative squad selection trials.

19.2                Selection trials will be conducted under the following conditions:

(a)                     All players who have submitted a Player Registration Form shall be informed in writing of the date, time and place where selection trials are to be held.

(b)                     Notice of selection trials must be received at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the trials.


19.3                Team Selection Panels

(a)                     A minimum of three Selectors must be appointed for each team and shall be made up of the Team Coach and two other selectors.

(b)                     Selectors may be appointed to more than one panel.

19.4                Players shall be notified, in writing, of the team in which they have been selected within seven (7) days of the selection trials.

19.5                The selector’s decision shall be final.

20.                    TEAM OFFICIALS

20.1                The Team Officials shall consist of

(a)                     Coaches

(b)                     The team coach must be included on the team entry form at the start of the season.

(c)                     All coaches must adhere to Netball Victoria Coaches Code of conduct.

(d)                     Team Managers

(e)                     A team manager shall be appointed for each selected team.

(f)                      Scorer/Timekeeper

(g)                     Umpires

(h)                     All umpires must at minimum have completed the online theory exam and attend or have attended the Introduction to Umpiring Workshop.

(i)                       Captain & Vice-Captain

21.                    AWARDS

(c)                 All  NetSetGO!, 9&U and  11&U participants will receive an appropriate participation award.

(d)                 All Grand Finalists will receive a medal/trophy.

22.                    PRESENTATION NIGHT

22.1                A Presentation Night may be held.

22.2                The date and format shall be determined annually by the Committee.         

22.3                The date, time, venue and format shall be provided, in writing, to all members at least one (1) month prior to the event.

22.4                Presentation of all awards shall be made on the Presentation Night.

22.5                Recognition of achievements shall be made on Presentation Night.

23.                    FUNDRAISING

23.1                The Association may conduct fundraising activities during each year.

23.2                The Committee shall determine the fundraising activities.

23.3                Individual representative teams must seek approval from the Committee for any individual fundraising activities. Teams must apply in writing at least four weeks prior to the event, providing details of and rationale for the fundraising activity.  Information as to how the activity will be organised, including risk management and safety measures if relevant must be provided.

23.4                All members are requested to support the fundraising activities.


24.1                The Association shall provide notification of opportunities for all members to improve their skills by attending courses, seminars and other personal development activities.

24.2                The Association shall encourage and support members who wish to attend appropriate courses, seminars and other personal development activities.

25.                    ACCREDITATION

25.1                The Association shall ensure that all officials have current appropriate minimum qualifications.

25.2                Where minimum qualifications/accreditation standards are not met, the Association shall encourage and support the member/s to achieve the minimum standards.

25.3                The Association will not appoint any person to an official position unless that person to be appointed has achieved the minimum standard qualification/accreditation.

26.                    RISK MANAGEMENT

26.1                Injury Reporting

(a)                     All Clubs are responsible for recording all injuries at the discretion of the injured player (or players’ guardian for players under 18) on the Injury Reporting Sheets provided.

(b)                     All players in an Association representative team are responsible for recording all injuries at the discretion of the injured player (or players’ guardian for players under 18) on the Injury Reporting Sheets provided.

26.2                Game Day Checklist

(a)                     A Game Day Checklist must be completed prior to all Association competitions, tournaments, games, programs and training.

(b)                     Any hazards identified will be

(c)                     Documented

(d)                     Rectified if possible

(e)                     Reported to the appropriate agency (local council, reserve committee) if major repair is required

26.3                Pregnancy

As per Netball Australia Member Protection Policy

26.4                First Aid

(a)                     The Association will provide a First Aid Kit.

(b)                     The First Aid Kit will be stored at the game desk and all appropriate personnel (including court supervisors, umpires and coaches) will have access to it.

(c)                     Court Supervisor will maintain the first aid kit supplies.  An inventory is to be completed on a weekly basis.  

(d)                     The Association will have a designated room or area for the treatment of injuries. The room or area should be kept clean and accessible at all times.

(e)                     The Association will ensure that a qualified first aider is present at all competitions.

26.5           Emergency procedures

Emergency phone numbers - Ambulance, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Health Clinic and Police and an Emergency Procedure Plan is to be displayed by the phone and in the First Aid Kit.

26.5                Weather

                   In the case of extreme weather conditions the Association shall refer to the Association Weather Policy.

26.9           SmokeFree

The Association adopts a smoke free policy. This includes indoor venues and outdoor court surroundings. The designated smoking area shall be as signposted by Venue.

26.10        Responsible Serving of Alcohol in Sporting Clubs

The Association will adopt a Responsible Serving of Alcohol Policy. The Policy can be found on the Association web site.

26.11        Sun Protection

The Association will adopt a sun smart policy.
The Policy can be found on the PVNA web site

26.12        Codes of Behaviour

The Association will adopt Codes of Behaviour as prescribed in the Netball Australia Member Protection Policy and Netball Victoria Codes of Conducts . All Clubs & Teams are bound by these codes.

26.13        Drug Policy

The Association does not support the use of performance enhancing substances and views any such use as detrimental to both the sport of netball and the spirit of the game.

27.                    DISPUTE RESOLUTION

27.1                The Committee will impose the prescribed penalty or any other penalty to any member that fails to adhere to these Bylaws.

(a)                 Any member of a Club or Team which does not agree with a penalty or action of the Committee made under this By-law, may advise the Committee within 48 hours of the penalty or decision being made. The Committee may then:

(i)                   Discuss the issue with the relevant Club or Team and make a decision regarding the matter.  The Committee shall inform the party/ies involved of their decision either verbally or in writing; or

(ii)                 Have an informal meeting with the relevant party/ies in order to discuss and resolve the dispute.

The Committee’s decision is final.

27.2                The Association also adopts the following policies, regulations and procedures:

(a)                     Netball Victoria Cyber Safety Policy

(b)                     Netball Victoria Competition Regulation

(c)                     Netball Australia Member Protection Policy

(d)                     Constitution

(e)                     The Hearing Officer is responsible for determining the appropriate procedure for any dispute.


Where this By-law is silent, a decision can be made that ensures the integrity of the Association is maintained at all times.

The Committee may in using its reasonable discretion, in exceptional or extenuating circumstances, alter, vary or waive the requirements set out in these bylaws relating to the Association.

29.                    INDEMNITY

Except where provided or required by law and such cannot be excluded, the Association and its respective directors, officers, members, servants or agents are absolved from all liability whatsowever arising from injury or damage, however caused, arising whilst participating as a member.